How to directly Recover erased Notes from iPhone 4s

Summary: This article introduce an easy way to directly recover erased and deleted notes on iPhone 4s 

We think the kids deleted all of my wife’s notes from her iPhone 4s.The phone should have been synced with our home computer (iMac) but when I click on mail, the notes aren’t there as well.
On iTunes, I see that the phone was updated on Nov 10, 2014. I tried to restore it, but “there is not enough memory on the device.” my wife urgently need to get the erased notes back on her iPhone 4S

So here are my three questions. 
1. How do I retrieve erased notes from backup if the memory on her iPhone 4S is now full?
2. If we end up restoring to Nov 10, 2014, would we lose everything created on the phone between Nov 10 and now?
3. Is there a way to directly recover erased / deleted notes from iPhone 4s?

1、 You can retrieve the erased notes from your iPhone 4s backup by using a third party tool, so that you can extract and restore the erased notes only and without restore the full backup.
2、 Yes! You’ll lose everything created on your iphone 4s after Nov 10 if you choose iTunes restore, iTunes doesn’t support selectively restore.
3、 There is an easy way to directly recover deleted notes from iPhone 4s by using iPhone 4s notes recovery.

In this article I will show you how to retrieve deleted/ erased notes from iPhone 4s
Firstly, Free download iPhone 4s notes recovery.(Windows & Mac),
Install and Run this iPhone 4s notes Recovery; connect your iPhone 4s to computer with USB cable. Then select “Recover from iOS Device” to start the notes recovery job.

Then, scan your iPhone 4s to preview erased notes 
when scanning finished, you can easily preview all data found on your iPhone 4s by Clicking the categories of notes on the top side of the window. You can also check box “only display deleted items” to only display the deleted notes, so that you can quickly find out your iPhone 4s deleted notes.

Last, directly Recover deleted and erased notes on iPhone 4s 
Mark what you want to save them on your computer by clicking “Recover” button or click “Transfer all selected to device” button on the bottom of the interface to directly get the erased notes back on your iPhone 4s

Tip: You could do some edit before restore deleted notes to iPhone. Choose one deleted Note, and click the “Edit” on the bottom right of the interface to edit and add the content of this note..

That’s all; you have successfully recovered the erased notes from your iPhone 4s

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