How to disable Notification Center on the Lock screen of your iPhone and iPad

Notification Center collects all of the notifications your receive on your iPhone or iPad into one easy-to-access place. By default you can even pull down Notification Center from your Lock screen to see any messages or other notifications you may have recently missed. If, however, for privacy and security reasons, you prefer Notification Center not be accessible from the Lock screen, there’s an easy way to disable it.

How to turn off Notification Center on your iOS Lock screen ?

1、Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2、Tap on Notification Center.
3、Under the Access On Lock screen section, turn Off the options for Notifications View and Today View.

Now you should no longer be able to swipe down to access Notification Center on the Lock screen.

If you still want to see upcoming events for your day, you can always leave Today View turned on. If you don’t want notifications available on the Lock screen, just turn off Notifications View.

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