How To Extract Text Messages Only from iTunes Backup?


Extract text messages only from iTunes backup file? Sounds like a mission impossible! Though you can locate iTunes backup file specifically no matter you are using Mac OS installed computer or Windows running computer, there is no way to view certain data like messages.
People who have large amount of SMS or iMessages messages stored on computer would be desperate for a way to extract text messages from the iTunes backup when there iPhones are accidently damaged badly and become inaccessible.

However, there is a renowned third party iPhone data recovery software which can selectively extract the text messages from the iTunes backup file. It is iFonebox. iFonebox can help you extract the messages only from iTunse backup file especially when you need the messages urgently and your iPhone is not at hand or water drained.

Here is how.
> Install and run iFonebox.
> Choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup”.
> Select an iTunes backup file from which you want to extract all your messages only.
> Choose Messages to scan and analyze selectively.
> Wait until the messages and contacts analyzing is finished.
> Preview all the extracted messages and select what ever you need to recover to computer.


Tips: The upcoming version if iFonebox will be able to support transferring recovered and extracted messages back to iDevices. If you have other devices, you can choose to transfer the messages extracted from iTunes backup to your other iPhone or iPad.

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