How To Fix iPhone Stuck In White Apple Logo Problem?


As iOS 11 is approaching, you will meet all kinds of problems when updating to iOS 11 like stuck in white Apple logo issue. It would be perfect if you update to new iOS 11 smoothly, but when you are confronted with the white Apply logo issue, how to fix them? Here, I have better tips to solve the stuck problem. 

Firstly, I think you need to know why iPhone will be stuck in Apple logo during the process of updating. There could be many reasons if your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo. But when it happens while updating the firmware, the most probable reason behind this could be either compatibility issue or driver issue. Basically, every time when a new firmware version gets announced, the company releases its unstable version or beta version before launching the stable version. The beta version is intended to get tested by the users and therefore is launched before the stable version. Since the stable version is not launched yet, you’ll be attempting to install the beta version which, in turn, can result in the compatibility issue and ultimately causing iPhone stuck in Apple logo and other kinds of issues. However, you don’t have to be too panic about this. Fixes are following.

Fix 1. Force to reboot your iPhone

If iPhone stuck on Apple logo, one of the easiest ways to overcome that problem is forcing restart the iPhone. The steps for this are given below:

For the users of iPhone 6 and earlier models – Start by pressing “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button. Keep holding the buttons until you see Apple logo. It will take approximately 10 seconds.

For the users of iPhone 7 or 7 Plus – The process is almost same. Start by pressing “Sleep/Wake” button and “Volume Down” button. Keep holding the buttons until Apple logo appears.

Fix 2. Install iFonebox

If you haven’t solve the stuck problem when do what asked above, you can download and install iFonebox (Win and Mac) on your computer firstly, then you can connect your iPhone to the computer via USB. Please make sure the USB line is good. After connection, iFonebox will ask to restart your iPhone thus you can get out of the Apple logo stuck issue.

Fix 3. Hardware problem

If you are still in trouble and the iPhone frozen on Apple logo problem has not gone, sadly to say but this could be a hardware issue. To repair hardware problem, find a nearest authorized Apple repair center and head towards it. But this is an advice that before moving to the Apple store, please create a backup of all your data in your device. After that, hand over your device to the expert in the store and get the problem fixed by them.

Just try the above three methods when you are faced with the white Apple logo stuck problem.

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