How to free up iCloud storage space by deleting unused Documents in the Cloud

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac with Documents in the Cloud, you can use up a lot of your iCloud, you can use up a lot of space quickly. Since Apple only provides 5GB for free, and only 50GB maximum, it pays to clean it out as often and as well as you can. Luckily you can delete documents and data stored in any app right from your iPhone or iPad, even if you saved it in a Mac app.

How to clear out unused documents and data in iCloud?

1、Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
2、Scroll down and tap on iCloud.
3、Choose Storage & Backup.
4、Tap on Manage Storage.
5、Under the Documents & Data section tap on an app you’d like to view what documents are being stored in iCloud.
6、Tap on the Edit button in the upper right hand corner.
7、Tap on the Delete button to the left of the item to delete it and then tap again on the right to delete it.
8、A popup menu will come up confirming the delete one last time, tap on Delete to confirm.
9、Alternately, you can tap the Edit button and scroll to the very bottom and choose Delete All to remove all files stored by a specific app. This is handy for apps you may not even have installed or use anymore.

That’s all it!

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