How to put an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in DFU mode

Easy and correct way to access iPhone, iPad and iPod DFU mode

What is iPhone DFU mode?

DFU is an acronym for Device Firmware Update. DFU mode is a state that you can put your iPhone into where it can interface with iTunes but does not load the iPhone operating system or boot loader (this is what really differs DFU mode from recovery mode).

What is DFU mode used for?

DFU mode can be used for multiple things including upgrading firmware, downgrading firmware, and even rebooting your tethered jailbroken device. So, here’s a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

How to enter iPhone DFU mode?

Connect the iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes
Turn the iPhone off (hold down the power button at the top of the iPhone)
Hold down the sleep/power button and home button together for exactly 10 seconds, then release the power button
Continue to hold down the Home button until a message appears in iTunes telling you an iPhone in recover mode has been detected by iTunes.

DFU mode is signified by having a completely black screen on the device. If anything else is the case, repeat the steps above until you enter into DFU mode successfully.

Here is a link to video that explains the entire process: How to enter DFU mode ?

How to exit DFU mode:

To exit DFU mode, simply hold down the sleep / power button and the home button together until your iPhone disappears from the device list in iTunes, then turn on the iPhone as normal.

This process works for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad so no matter what iOS device you’re using you can use this tutorial
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