How To Recover Data from Passcode Locked iPhone?


On one fine day, you try to open your iPhone only to find that you just cannot memorize the pass code which is really distressing. However, you need the data on the locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch badly, what should you do?

As it is known to all, you can unlock the device without backup through restoring, but the restoring process will erase all of your data (songs, photos, videos, apps, and so on) from the device. So you are strongly suggested to back up and export the data from the iPhone.

If you have ever synced your iPhone to your computer through iTunes, chances are you don’t need to tap “Trust” on the screen and iTunes can recognized your iPhone automatically. Therefore, you can click on “Back Up Now” on the interface of iTunes.

After the backing up, you can choose to restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup. Here is how.
> Connect your iPhone to your computer [that you have previously used to sync the device.
> In iTunes, select the iPhone in the “Devices” list, then “Summary” at the top of the screen.
> If iTunes doesn’t automatically synchronize your iPhone, do so manually [and confirm that the sync and backup were successful.
> Click “Check for Update.” iTunes tells you if there is a newer version of the iPhone software available.
> Click Restore. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process. When restoring, it is recommended that you [again] backup the iPhone when prompted.
> When iOS Setup Assistant asks to set up your iPhone, choose “Restore from iTunes backup.”
> Select your device in iTunes and choose the most recent backup of your iPhone.

If you want to recover the data saved on the locked iPhone to your computer without losing anything else, you can use third party software like iFonebox to export the data from the iTunes backup to your computer for record keeping. Here is how.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
> Choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup”.
> Select the iTunes backup file you have just created for the locked iPhone.
> Choose data you want to recover from the interface listing all the supported data categories or you can just click on “Recover All” to recover data of all the supported categories.
> Wait until the data analyzing and scanning process completes.
> Preview all the exported data categories and select whatever you want to recover to computer.


To prevent being locked out from iPhone due to forgetting passcode, you either do not use a passcode, or use the fingerprint enabled Touch ID on the iPhone 5s instead. And be sure to sync your liPhone with iTunes and/or iCloud regularly to keep timely backup file through which you can restore and unlock your iPhone.

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