How to Recover Deleted Pictures and Audio in imessage on iPad mini

“Is there a way to recover deleted imessage on my ipad mini? i deleted an important imessage conversation from my iPad mini by mistake,both the sent and received images and audios on iMessage all removed from my iPad. i need them back egently! how can i recover the deleted audio and pictures in imessage on ipad mini?”

Accidentally deleted or lost some audio and picture messages and want to get them back on iPad mini? As we known, deleted text messages can be recovered directly from iPhone by ifonebox, what about audio and picture on imessage? If deleted audio and photo messages conversion can be recovered directly from iPad mini? Let’s test it!

Firstly, free download this iPad mini iMessage Recovery tool by clicking below icons, both windows and Mac version are easy to use and works well with iPad air, iPad mini,iPad mini 2/ 3,iPad 3/ 2/ 1 and more


Can Audio and iMages on Messages be Recovered directly from iPad mini?

Step 1 Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode

Connect the iPad mini with my computer, then install and launch iFonebox, here choose “Recover from iOS Device” as the recovery mode.

Step 2 Scan the iPad mini to find lost data file

This iPad imessage recovery will automatically scan my iPad mini, Scanning time depends on the number of the files on my iPad.

Step 3 look for deleted audio and picture message on iPad mini

Now scanning has finished, all data found on my iPad mini have been displayed here. Click “Messages”, I can preview and recover all the deleted and exist text messages as well as Contacts, notes, Photos, etc on my iPad mini. But there has no photo and audio messages. That means the audio and photo messages can’t be recovered directly from iPad mini. But don’t worry, you still have chance to get back deleted imessages conversion on iPad mini

Retrieve deleted imessages conversions from iPad mini backup

Although I was failed to recover deleted audio and picture on imessages directly from iPad mini, considering I have itunes backup, I can choose another recovery mode to retrieve deleted imessages

Step 1: Choose “Recovery from iTunes Backup”

launch iFonebox on computer. Then click the “Recover from iTunes Backup” button, all the backup files will be list here. I select the one for my iPad mini to scan and extract data.

Step 2: Retrieve deleted iMessages from iPad mini backup

when scanning finished, all files in iTunes backup have been displayed here. I find my picture and audio messages in “Message Attachments” category. I successfully retrieve the deleted audio and picture message from my iPad mini backup by clicking “recover” button.

That’s all, this is the whole steps of recover deleted imessages conversion on iPad mini as well as iPad air, new iPad, iPad 3, iPad 2, etc

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