How To Recover Lost iMessages From iPhone 5 Running iOS 8.3?


This apparently is not something new, but it was new to me as of yesterday. I had a portion of my iMessage conversation go missing from Friday, June 12. This is the first time this has happened and I want it to be the last. I also don’t seem to be having any luck getting the messages back and it would appear very few people do. If there is anything I am missing other than turning off and on or doing a restore please advise. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you. iPhone 5, iOS 8.3

As this user said, to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 5 running ios 8.3 was not something new, but it was new to him or other iPhone users. Here, this user did not tell us whether he had an iTunes or iCloud backup for his deleted iMessages, for when it comes to recovering deleted data like iMessages, most people will turn to iCloud or iTunes backup for help. What if you don’t have any backup? Another method is introduced here to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3 directly.

If you want to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3, you need to know something about iFonebox. As is known that iFonebox is a professional iOS data recovery software which is able to recover deleted data iMessages, contacts and notes from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Plus, iFonebox is also a good helper to extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup if you have one. There are three working modes for iFonebox: recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup and recover from iCloud backup. You can choose one of them according to your own situations.

How to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3?

It is necessary for you to download and install iFonebox firstly. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version. Certainly, Free Trial Version(Win and Mac) is always ready there for you. Now, you can follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Start iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device. Remember to connect your iPhone 5 to the computer so as to scan data.
  • Scan iMessages from iPhone 5. iMessages are contained in Message item.
  • Preview and select the lost iMessages to recover. After scanning, you have the chance to pick out those lost iMessages to recover by clicking Recover to PC to finish the whole process.

ifonebox-backup -interface

Notes: if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost iMessages or other data, you can also choose Recover from iTunes Backup or Recover from iCloud Backup mode. The process is just the same as the above.

It is quite convenient and powerful to use iFonebox to recover lost iMessages from iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3.


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