How To Recover Lost Messages after iOS 9.3 update?


The iOS 9.3 release is getting closer but many important details are still shrouded in mystery. While we wait for more information from Apple, we would like to offer a solution in case that you lose or delete your messages texts from your iPhone by accidents and want to retrieve them to your iPhone

If you fortunately have backed up your iPhone to computer through iTunes, then you should have iTunes backup file. You can recover your lost or deleted messages from the iTunes backup file either by restoring your iPhone with the entire iTunes backup file or by recovering the messages selectively from iTunes backup with third party iPhone data recovery software. I would like to recommend the way with third party iPhone data recovery software, because the restoring process may overwrite the newly added messages and erase them permanently.

If you have no backup, you can also choose the third party iPhone data recovery software to scan the iPhone directly to retrieve the deleted messages texts.

Now I am going to show you how to recover the deleted messages from iPhone that has been updated to the latest iOS 9.3 directly and selectively with the best iPhone data recovery software iFonebox.

One thing you need to note is that iFonebox is developed for both Windows and Mac users, please choose the right version to download and install according to what kind of computer you are using.

Here is the detailed instruction.

> Install and run iFonebox.
> Connect your iPhone to your computer.
> Click Start after your iPhone has been recognized by iFonebox.

Note: If your iPhone has not been recognized by iFonebox, please check whether you have trust the computer on your iPhone.

> Choose the messages to scan selectively by clicking on the icon for messages App from the interface listing all the supported data categories.

The data scanning and analyzing process may take quite a while if you had large amount of messages on your iPhone previously, please wait for a while.

> Preview the exported messages and select the deleted items selectively to recover to your iPhone by checking the box of “ Only display the deleted.  Or just choose whatever you want to recover to your iPhone.


Note: You are suggested to switch on the “Airplane Mode” while recovering the messages to your iPhone in case that newly coming messages will disrupt the recovering process and leads to recovering failure.

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