How to Restore iPhone 6s Call History Cleared After iCloud Restore?


Some new iPhone 6s owners are not having a smooth transition from their old iPhones to the new one. Many of them have been suffering from loss of data when trying to move their data over from an older iPhone to the iPhone 6s and some users are reporting that call logs and text messages get cleared when they perform an iCloud restore.

As I have suggested how to recover the missing messages in previous post, I am going to share how to restore iPhone 6s call history cleared after the iCloud restore.

The most ideal way to get back your lost call history is to restore your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus from iTunes backup if you have ever backed up your iPhone 6s or your old iPhone to computer through iTunes. Actually, if you have ever enabled the Automatic Backing Up and check the option of “This computer.”

Restore iPhone 6s from iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer;
Launch iTunes.
Locate and click your iPhone 6s after it is recognized by iTunes.
Click on Summary.
Choose Restore Backup.


After the iTunes restore completes, everything stored in iTunse backup should be bring down to your iPhone.

Scanning your iPhone 6s with third party software

Here are the detailed steps.

Download and install the third party software
Note: Here I take iFonebox for example, you can head on to download the trial version of iFonebox from
Connect your iPhone 6s to computer and click Start after recognition.
Choose Call History to scan selectively from the interface listing all supported data category.
Preview all the exported call history after the scanning and analyzing completes
Select what you need to recover to computer.


If, unfortunately, you don’t have an iTunes backup and you didn’t get back your call history through scanning your old iPhone. You can download a free backing up software iFoneBackup to back up you old iPhone to your computer and then get back your lost call history through restore from the backup created with iFoneBackup through iTunes.

To back up old iPhone with iFoneBackup is no more than a couple of clicks.

Download and install iFoneBackup.
Connect your old iPhone to computer.
Click Back Up Now after your iPhone is recognized.


Then Launch the iTunes and choose to restore from the backup created with iFoneBackup through iTunes. Remember to copy the backup file to the folder where iTunes backup file were located by default.

If you have tried all the above mentioned method in vain, there is another way you can take a chance by calling you carrier and acquire your call history from it. Sincerely wish you a good luck.

Finally, if you have better solution, please comment below and let me know.

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