How to Restore Message Attachments After Update To iOS 10.3?

, get back missing messages attachments on ios 10.3

“Hi there, im now so upset because I lost plenty of messages photos while I install iOS 10.3, and now I don’t really know is that any way to get them back. I just feel so sad about it, if you have any suggestions or advise please feel free to let me know. Thank you!”

You would never know what would happen when you upgrade to the newest iOS. You might will lose your important data while you update your phone. Therefore, it is important to backup your necessary data before you decide to install the latest iOS 10.3. However, if you accidentally lose your data such as messages attachments like user above, you still can recover them back by using an iOS data recovery tool. Thus, this article will mainly show you how to restore messages attachments due to iOS 10.3 update. Keep reading to know ways to retrieve messages pictures after update to iOS 10.3.

As mentioned above, if you want to get back missing messages attachments on iOS 10.3, it is possible by using an iOS data recovery program. And here I’m introducing iFonebox. iFonebox is an outstanding program for up to 16 types of iOS data recovery. It provides you three types of selections: “Recover from iOS device”, “Recover from iTunes backup file” and “Recover from iCloud backup file”. iFonebox is capable to restore messages attachments by using those 3 different kinds of recovery mode. Besides messages attachments, you are also able to recover messages, contacts, reminders, calendar events, etc under the help from iFonebox. Next, I will guide you how to retrieve messages pictures after update to iOS 10.3 step by step.

To begin messages attachments recovery, you are required to download this powerful software – iFonebox on your PC or Mac. iFonebox supports 2 versions which are Windows version & Mac version. Select the version based on your PC system to download and follow us below.

How to Restore Messages Attachments After Update To iOS 10.3?

Step 1: Launch iFonebox & Recovery Mode Selection
After download iFonebox, launch and run the program. Connect your iPhone to PC and select “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode. Next, wait until iFonebox detect your device. Then click “Start” to begin. Tips: If this is the first time you connect your iPhone to this PC, you might need to tap “Trust the computer” before we proceed.

Step 2: Scan “Messages Attachments”
On the iFonebox interface, you will see there are different kinds of iOS data available. Select “Messages Attachments” under “Media Data” column and start to scan them. FYI, if you have large capacity of your messages attachments, the scanning process might take some time to be done.

Step 3: Preview & Recover
After finish scanning, you will be able to preview the found messages attachments on iFonebox interface. Select the messages attachments you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC”. Then you should be able to view those missing messages attachments on your PC.

In conclusion, you can easily retrieve messages pictures after update to iOS 10.3 by using iFonebox. If you have backup them earlier on your iTunes or iCloud, you may also select the 2nd and 3rd method as your recovery mode. Download it and have a try now! Follow us on Pinterest more useful tips of iOS data recovery iFonebox