How To Transfer All Photos From iPhone 6s To iMac?


I have some photos on my iPhone 6s and I need to transfer them to my iMac. I need a security and convenient way to transfer all photos, including those on Photo Library and PhotoStream  from my iPhone 6s to Mac. Can anyone help me? Thanks. iPhone 6s, iOS 9. 

So the question here is, how to transfer photos from iPhone 6s to iMac? As you may have known that when you want to transfer photos from iPhone 6s to iMac, you can connect your iPhone to the computer and then, a window will pop out to let you import your iPhone photos to your iMac. However, there is one limitation. You can only transfer photos from camera roll in iPhone 6s to iMac, but those synced photos from iTunes, PhotosStream or your other computer, you just cannot transfer them to your iMac.

So how to transfer all photos from your iPhone 6s to iMac? Here, I have a method to help you. With one third party software named as iFonebox, you can transfer all photos including photos from camera roll photos, PhotoStream, Photos library from iPhone 6s to iMac. Plus, iFonebox is a good helper to recover deleted data like contacts, notes, iMessages, and more from iDevice. To extract and restore lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup with iFonebox is also not a big deal. Here, I will show you how to transfer all photos from iPhone 6s to iMac with iFonebox.

How to transfer all photos from iPhone 6s to iMac? 

Firstly, free download and install iFonebox: Win and Mac. iFonebox is a PC tool so you have to install it on your computer. Here, you just need to download and install iFonebox Mac version.

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to your iMac.
  2. Scan photos from iPhone 6s. Click on Photos to start the scanning process.
  3. Preview and select all photos to transfer. Now, you can pick out those photos you need, and then click “Recover to Mac” to transfer all photos to your iMac.


Tips: Those photos in Photo Library cannot be deleted on your iPhone or iPad, for they are synced from iTunes or your computer. So if you need to delete those synced photos, let iTunes do it for you.

In short, it is quite convenient and functional to transfer all photos from iPhone 6s to iMac with just a few mouse clicks.

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