How To Transfer iPhone Messages photos to Macbook?


If you have a lot of photos attached to your iPhone messages which takes up much storage space, you’d better export the photos in the messages app for there is no need to keep all the messages attached photos on your iPhone forever.

Thanks to the development of third party iPhone data recovery software which is capable of exporting the messages photos selectively from iPhone directly. iFonebox is such kind of third party iPhone data exporting software. Here is how to transfer all photos in the messages app from iPhone to macbook.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
Note: iFonebox is available for  both Windows and Mac, please choose the right version to download and install.
> Connect your iPhone to computer.
> Click “ Start” on the startup interface after being recognized.
> Choose messages attachments to scan and analyze selectively.
> Wait until the data analyzing process completes.
> Select all the exported photos and then click “Recover to Mac”.
> The recovering process will take some time, please wait for a while.


After the recovering process is finished, all your photos in messages are successfully transferred to your MacBook for record keeping.

Or you can save the photos in messages app to photos app and then transfer to MacBook.
Here is how.
> Launch the Messages app.
> Tap on the text thread that has the pictures and/or videos.
> Tap on Details in the top right corner.
> Scroll down to the Attachments section and press and hold on one of the pictures or videos you’d like to save.
> Tap on More in the popup menu.
> Tap to select all the photos you’d like to save.
> Tap on Save Images in the bottom left corner to save them to the Photos app.


Running iPhoto first and then connecting iPhone is the best way to do it. Once you see the iPhone appear select as many or all pics and click on import. The photos will be copied to iPhoto album and you will be asked whether to delete them from the phone or not.

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