How to use Notes app on iPhone and iPad

Apple Notes is a useful app for keeping recipes, information you might want to ‘jot down’, while students may use it for homework assignments. Its application is broad, a notebook for all of your thoughts that can easily backup and access on your computer. Say goodbye to pen and paper. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get starting using the Notes app on iPhone and iPad. 

How to create a new note?

First things first, let’s fire up the ‘Notes’ app, which bears a likeness to an actual lined sheet of paper. Find it and tap to open.

What you see next is dependent upon how many mail accounts you have set up. It’s important to know that your notes are tied to your mail accounts. When you first open the app, you’l see either the note listing or a choice between your ‘folders’, which are based on your mail accounts.

  • Tap on ‘New
  • The keyboard will appear and you can start typing your notes.
  • Tap ‘Done‘ when you are finished.

There is no ‘Save’ button in the Notes app. When you type, your notes are automatically saved on your iPhone or iPad. When you press ‘Done’, you’ll be back in the list section of the app. From here, you can repeat the process above to create new notes.

Tip: Notes automatically have the date and time added to them.

How to manage and set default account for Notes 

If you have multiple email accounts, those are each syncing notes to their respective services. If you are primarily an iCloud user, you can set that as your default account in Notes. If you are in ‘All Notes’ and create a new note, it will be created under your default account, so it’s important to pick a ‘primary’ or ‘default’ account.

  • Navigate to Settings > Notes
  • Tap on ‘Default Account’ and select your preferred account.

Tip: Having a default account does not mean you are tied to creating notes for only that account. If you tap on the folder for the other account, any new notes will be created and synced to that mail account.

How to edit or delete a note ?

Let’s say you created a new note with a recipe that didn’t turn out so great. Maybe you want to tweak the recipe or delete it. Here’s how:

1、Tap on the recipe from your collection of notes
2、To edit your note, tap anywhere to bring up the keyboard and make your changes. Again, press ‘Done’ when you are happy with the edits.
3、To delete the note, tap on the trash can at the bottom-center of your note. A pop-up will provide you with two options. ‘Delete Note’ or ‘Cancel’. Tap on delete and say goodbye to that bad recipe!


As you start to amass a collection of notes, you might want to search for something specific. Since we’re all chefs for this tutorial, let’s say you want recipes with paprika. Rather than dredge through each recipe, we can use the search feature. It searches both the title and contents of your notes, so it will find ingredients, even if it’s not in the title.

  • From the list of notes, tap, hold and pull down to reveal the search box.
  • Tap in the search box and begin typing your query. iOS will update the results as you type.
  • When you find your note, tap to read your recipe.

Tip: While it will search within a note, it won’t provide you with a preview of the note. If paprika was in a recipe for Roasted Red Skinned Potatoes, that will show up as your result. iOS knows whats in the note, but won’t reveal it until you select it.

How to share a note over email?

You’ve created that awesome, made some tweaks and now you’re ready to share it with the world. Makes sense. Notes in iOS makes it easy to share.

1、Tap on the note you’d like to share
2、Select the ‘share’ icon at the bottom left.
3、The share sheet lets you send over iMessage, Mail, AirDrop or you can print it.

Once you get the hang of the Notes app, you’ll find an incredible amount of utility in this simple, easy-to-use app. I personally use Notes to jot down ideas, a combination and yes, recipes.

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