iOS 9.2 Gives You More Control Over Apple Music and iBooks

Report from engadget: Apple is clearly hoping to clear its slate before the year is over. On top of that iPhone battery case, it just posted an iOS 9.2 update that brings big improvements to Apple Music and iBooks.

For a start, it’s much easier to reconcile your iCloud Music Library with the streaming service — you can see whether or not any song has been downloaded, and quickly download whole albums or playlists. It’s easier to start a new playlist or add a song to a recent list, too. iBooks, meanwhile, supports both 3D Touch (for peeking at pages) and background audiobook listening while you browse books inside the app.
There’s more under the hood. This update brings USB Camera Adapter support to the iPhone, Mail Drop (from OS X El Capitan) for giant email attachments and Siri support in Arabic. The 9.2 release may also include AT&T’s unified NumberSync calling, although later betas didn’t include it — if you see it, let your fellow readers know in the comments. All told, there’s enough here that you’ll likely want to install the new version tout suite.

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