iOS 9.2 iCloud Backup Still Not Fixed! What To Do?


I’ve been plagued with the Backup could not be completed problem and I’ve been waiting for Apple to release a fix and I was happy to see this problem mentioned as one of the bugs dealt with in iOS 9.2, BUT it was not actually fixed!

Now my phone is not backed up at all after all Apple geniuses advised that I delete older backups from iCould and try again, my MacBook storage is too small to carry my 128gb iPhone backup and now if my phone dies for some reason all my life is gone with it, well most of it!                 iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 9.2, 128 GB

It seemed that Apple still has not addressed the issue yet and the iCloud backup remains to be an unfixed bug even though the latest iOS 9.2 has been released.

For those who have turned on automatic iCloud backing up on, the error “icloud backup could not be completed” is quite distressing, especially when Apple does not allow back up to external storage.  You can back up your device to computer through iTunes but there is no way to customize where the backup file is located.

However, there is third party iDevice data backing up software like iFoneBackup which allow you to back up everything on your iPhone just with one single click. And it is completely free. Here is how.

> Download iFoneBackup from www.ifonebox/ifonebackup/;
> Install and run iFoneBackup.
> Connect your iDevice to computer;
> Click Back Up Now after your iDevice is recognized.

Note: If you have large amount of data up to dozens of Gigabytes, you can set the backup destination folder to make sure there is enough storage for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch data.

After the backing up process completes, iFoneBackup will pop up the backup folder for checking.

Or you can try iFonebox to export the photos, videos and voice memos which takes up large space from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Here is how.

> Install and run iFonebox.
> Connect your iPhone to computer.
> Click “Start” after the device is recognized.
> Choose Photos or voice messages to scan selectively.
> Wait until the data analyzing and scanning is finished.
> Preview the exported photos or voice memos and choose whatever you want to recover to computer.


Note: To make there is enough storage space for your exported data, you can do customized settings for the destination folder.

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