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It has only been a few months since iOS 9 hit the streets, and the built-in Notes app already stands out in terms of new features and functionality. Notes has been available since the very first version of the iPhone, and the app has received a fairly substantial update with the latest version of iOS. Find out about the new folders, drawings, and recently deleted features that will change your Notes workflow.

Notes Folders
In previous versions of Notes, there was no good way to organize notes. You could easily sort by notes that were stored in your iCloud account, local on the device, or in your various email accounts, but this was far from ideal. With iOS 9, you can organize notes into multiple folders for easier sorting and organization.

To create a new folder, follow these steps.

Open the Notes app.
Tap the back button to see the Folders section.
Tap New Folder at the bottom of the screen to create a new folder .
To move your notes into a folder, follow these steps.
Tap into a folder containing notes.
Select Edit.
Tap the notes you want to move.
Tap Move To in the toolbar. This will let you select another folder to move your notes to.
Notes Drawings

If you have an idea that you want to express as a drawing, you can do that in Notes in iOS 9 on newer iOS devices. Follow these steps to create a drawing and have it inserted into a note.

Begin editing a note in the Notes app.
In the lower right hand corner of the screen, tap the + icon.
Tap the drawing icon (it looks like a pencil mark).
Start drawing your note (Figure B) and tap Done when you’re finished.
Tap Done when finished drawing.

Restore Deleted Notes

If you accidentally delete an important note that was stored in Notes for iOS 9, you’re in luck — a new feature of Notes keeps your recently deleted notes so they can easily be stored to your iCloud or local device storage.

To retrieve a recently deleted note to your iCloud account or local device, follow these steps.

Open the Notes app.
Tap the back button to move to the Folders section.
Locate and tap the Recently Deleted folder

A list of all of your recently deleted notes will be displayed where you can easily move them to another folder, or permanently delete them. All notes in this section will be permanently removed from your device and iCloud account after 30 days. If you manually delete notes from this folder, they will be removed immediately.

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