iPhone 4S/5S/5 not showing contact name in calls or message? How to fix?

“My iPhone 4S is not showing contact name in calls or text message, any suggestions to get this name to show up?” 
“My contacts name disappear from my iPhone 5S, it display numbers instead of contact names in text messages, how to fix?” 

contact name not showing in iPhone
If your iPhone 4S/5S has the problem of contacts/message names not showing up, what would you do to solve the issue? How to fix contact names not showing up? Read on to see solution

Here’s what to do if your iPhone4S/5S/5/4 not showing your contacts names in calls or text message

1. iPhone contact names not showing – hard reset the iPhone 
That’s right: switch it off and on again. Hold down the power button until your iPhone powers down. Then do the same to boot it up. Check your messages – hopefully the contact names are back. (See also:How to remove the forgotten passcode on your iPhone)

2. iPhone contact names not showing – switch off Dial Assist 
Okay this one is weird, and we can’t imagine *why* it would work. But various people have posted it as a success, so let’s give it a whirl. Go to Settings, then Phone. Scroll down to ‘Dial assist’ and slide the slider to ‘Off’. Then reboot as above – are your message names back? Do let us know!
Dial assist helps with making sure you use the correct dialing prefix when calling to- and from foreign countries, so you may want to re-enable it when you travel abroad. (See also:How to recover deleted messages on iPhone.)

3. iPhone contact names not showing – reset network settings 
If that doesn’t work the next thing to try involves resetting your network settings. This has been reported as being successful principally on Verizon in the States, but it is worth trying. Go to Settings, General then scroll to the bottom and select Reset. Then choose ‘Reset Network Settings’. You’ll be asked to put in your security pin, if you use one. Once this has done check your messages and see if everything is okay. Don’t worry if not, we have one more thing to try. (See also: How to Fix Wi-Fi Greyed Out or dim on iPhone.)

4. iPhone contact names not showing – restore iPhone from backup
Finally, you can restore your iPhone from a backup at a point at which you know the messaging app worked well, contacts and all. This works only if you regularly back up your iPhone, of course, but you may find it has been happening without you knowing it.
iCloud and iTunes are two backup tool provide by apple (Backups: iCloud vs iTunes). If you have backup file, you can selectively extract contacts from iTunes backup. Alternatively you can restore you iphone data from backup with iPhone backup extractor.

Hopefully this will solve the problem. Let us know in the comments below, and do let us know if you have experienced this issue and have any other potential solutions

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