Report claims iPhone 6 will go on sale between September 16th and September 19th

While it is widely expected that Apple will unveil the oft-rumored iPhone 6 at a September 9th media event, in years past there has always been a certain number of days between the announcement and release date of the smartphone.This year around. a report claims that the iPhone 6 will go on sale during the third week of September. 

According to G for Games, which cites a post by the well-known IT portal PCinLife on the Chinese discussion forum Weibo, the iPhone 6 release date is pegged between September 16th and September 19th. If that is true, it would corroborate our previous story about how the iPhone 6 could be released on September 19th based on historical patterns.

There was exactly 10 days between the announcement of the iPhone 5s, which took place on September 10th, and its release date on September 20th, so this rumor does make sense from a timing perspective. If the iPhone 6 is introduced on September 9th as expected, its on-sale date of September 19th would also be a 10-day window.

Apple will likely accept iPhone 6 pre-orders and prepare the public release of iOS 8 during the gap.

The initial launch countries for the iPhone 6 would likely include the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Japan, Singapore, Germany and United Kingdom, as has been the case in years prior. This release date likely only applies to the 4.7-inch model, as the larger 5.5-inch model might be delayed due to ongoing production challenges.

The highly-anticipated iPhone 6 has been rumored to feature an ultra-thin design, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, improved Touch ID fingerprint scanner and NFC, optical image stabilization, LTE-Advanced,iOS 8 and more.

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