iPhone Backup Extractor: Extract and Recover iPhone Data with ease

what’s iPhone backup extractor 
iPhone backup extractor is a tool that enable you to access and browse iPhone backup, then extract Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Call historys, Notes, reminders etc from backup

Why need an iPhone backup extractor? 
It’s decided by the file type of the backup file. The iTunes backup file is not a common file, but an SQlitedb file. It’s not readable. So even you know where iTunes backup stored, you can’t extract the content out of it. This is why the iPhone backup extractor comes out.
Well, there is another thing you need to notice. Don’t sync your iPhone with iTunes after you find your iPhone lost data. Because iTunes only updates the backup file every time you sync with it, not to build a new backup file. So once you synced your iPhone again, the backup file will be overwritten by the content on your iPhone, and the lost data will go forever.

Extract iPhone backup file and recover iPhone data in steps 

Get an iPhone backup extractor first: iFonebox (Mac) (for Mac users) or iFonebox (Windows) (for Windows users). Both of the them enable you to extract the backup file and preview the contacts, SMS, photos, videos, calendar, notes and call history in details, no matter you are using iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C,iPhone 4S, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and so on. You can recover them according to your needs. Moreover, the iFonebox permits you to scan and recover data directly from iPhone.

Tutorial: How to Extract and Recover iPhone Data 

Step 1. You need to scan the backup file
Firstly, download, install and run the iPhone backup extractor on your computer. Be careful that do not sync your iPhone with iTunes after your lost your data, which can be effectively prevented lost data from being overwritten.

Step 2 choose a backup file for your iPhone
After the backup files scanned out, please choose the right device backup file and then click “Start Scan” button to go on.

Step 3. Extract iPhone backup files and restore data
After the scan, all the content of your iPhone backup file will displayed and listed here. Before recovery, you can browse and check the items one by one. Choose the ones you want to get back by clicking “Recover” button to save them on your computer.


Note: To avoid losing data from your iPhone, do remember to backup it on your computer well. On one hand you can find your files as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can greatly save your time on recovering the data.

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