Solution: iPhone5 Has a Black Screen and Won’t Turn On

Solution: iPhone5 Has a Black Screen and Won’t Turn On

One day, your iPhone won’t turn on and all you are faced with is a black screen, don’t panic. it isn’t necessarily beyond help. Let’s have a check why it won’t turn on.

 Turn on/Restart
Make sure your iPhone isn’t just off; hold the power button for a couple of seconds. If you see the Apple logo, let it boot up.  If you see the turn off slider, turn it off and the restart it again.  If nothing happens at all, go to the next step.

  Home and Power Buttons
Hold down the power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds or more.  You should see the Apple logo and all is well. If you don’t see it after 30 seconds, move on the next step.

Put your iPhone on Charge
When the battery on an iPhone gets too low, the iPhone will switch off and won’t turn on again. This is so that the battery can keep hold of your settings and data.

1.     Put the iPhone on charge and leave it for a while.  Eventually you will see the charging indicator, red to start with – this is an indicator that the battery had run too low.  Let it charge fully.
2.     If it doesn’t work but you think your battery is low anyway, try another charger.
3.     Check that the connector dock has not got dirt in it as this will stop it from charging.

The worst case was that everything on the iPhone were deleted, but sometimes this is the best way. Hopefully you’ve been doing regular backups. See Three methods to Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod Data.

1.     Connect the USB cable to your iPhone and press on the Home button
2.     Now connect the cable to your computer.
3.     iTunes should open, detect the iPhone in recovery mode and give you the option of restoring.

If your iPhone will start but not boot properly put it into DFU mode and reset it. See How to put an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in DFU mode
1.     Hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
2.     Let go of Power button and keep holding until recovery mode message appears in iTunes
3.     Follow the instructions to reset your iPhone

  Proximity Sensor
Sometimes the proximity sensor in your iPhone can go malfunction, causing the screen to turn off.  Try this method to repair it:
1.     Restart your iPhone as in the first step
2.     Open Settings > General > Reset and Reset all settings
3.     Tap to confirm.

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