Methods To Recover Deleted iMessage Conversation On iPhone


“Hi, I accidentally deleted a whole conversation in IMessage on my 5s, when I just wanted to delete a photo.  Can I recover it? iPhone 5s, iOS 8.2”

Obviously, this iPhone 5S user lost his iMessages and he wanted to recover it but had no ideas. I think if you always read posts from my blog, it is not difficult for you to find a better solution to recover deleted iMessage conversation on your iPhone or iPad. Want to learn more? Keep reading this article. 

In order to recover deleted iMessage conversation on your iPhone, what you need is the help from iFonebox. As you may have known that iFonebox is a powerful and professional iOS data recovery which is supportive to recover deleted data like contacts, messages, iMessages, notes and more from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly. Plus, if you want to extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup, iFonebox can do you a big favor. Pretty functional. One more point, now iFonebox is capable of recovering deleted contacts or notes to your iOS devices directly. But how? How to use iFonebox to recover lost iMessage conversation on your iPhone? Here we are.

Recover deleted iMessage conversation directly from your iPhone with iFonebox 

The first thing you need to do is to download and install iFonebox. There are two versions are available: Windows version and Mac version. Of course, you can use the free trial version (Windows and Mac)in advance. Next, refer to the simple steps below:

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer with USB cable.
  2. Scan messages from your iPhone.
  3. Preview and select the iMessage conversation to recover. After scanning, you can have a choice to preview and select the deleted iMessage conversation to recover. Just click Recover to PC and the whole process is finished.

Recover deleted iMessage conversation  from your backup data with iFonebox 

If you have backed up your iPhone which contained your deleted iMessage conversation, you can also use iFonebox to extract and restore them.

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iTunes Backup.
  2. Scan messages from your iTunes backup.
  3. Preview and choose the deleted iMessage to restore.


Notes: if you have an iCloud backup for your iMessage conversation, you can also choose Recover from iCloud Backup in the first step.

With iFonebox, to recover deleted iMessage conversations is just as easy as a piece of cake.


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