New Features Are Developed For Next Generation Of Apple Watch


Apple Watch has been a hot new product for this year and it is said that Apple has sold tons of the new Apple Watch. With so many people buying it, more problems and weaknesses of it are reflected. Now, some new features of the next generation of Apple Watch are leaked. 

Last time, I wrote an article about Apple Watch is easy to be stolen and you cannot locate it after it were stolen. But the next Apple Watch will fix this problem, that is why Find My Watch is added. Now, let’s have a look at the new leaked features.

  • “Find My Watch,” similar to “Find My iPhone,” will help you recover your lost Apple Watch and remotely lock it or wipe its data. This feature will also be able to notify you if you leave your phone behind while wearing the watch.
  • The Apple Watch may also soon be able to notify you if your heartbeat is irregular, according to Gurman. However, this feature is less likely to surface due to liability concerns and government regulation.
  • Sleep tracking and blood pressure monitoring are likely to appear in the Apple Watch in the near future, while sensors that measure your blood sugar and glucose levels could arrive down the road.
  • Apple may allow third parties to develop “Complications” for the Apple Watch. Complications are the widgets on the watch that show you the time, weather, etc. Apple is already reportedly testing a Complication for Twitter on the Apple Watch. Right now, the Apple Watch only supports third-party apps, not Complications.
  • Apple wants you to use the Apple Watch as a remote for the Apple TV, too, and it plans to market the watch this way when the next-generation Apple TV is released — which could happen next month.

At present, Apple Watch lets you do more cool things that you cannot do with your iPhone. So when the next generation of Apple Watch is released, will you get one?

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LEAKED: These are the new features Apple is reportedly developing for the Apple Watch


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