New Features Of iOS 11 Beta 4


Apple has released iOS 11 beta 4 to the developers for test. It is said that iOS 11 as well as iPhone 8 will be released in late 2017, about in September. Before you can experience iOS 11, we have collected some new features of iOS 11 beta 4 for you. 

According to Apple’s release notes, today’s beta fixes some errors with VSCO, Pinterest, Citi Mobile, and Apple’s personal assistant Siri, but introduces new known issues. Tapping the AirPlay button in videos that aren’t full screen can cause some apps to crash, and FaceTime Live Photos is disabled by default and must be re-enabled.

According to MacRumors, for visual changes, Notes, Reminders, and Contacts all have revamped icons. There’s also now an option to swipe to the left on a Notification to clear it, and there’s a new Touch ID screen when tapping on a Notification to open it up.

iOS 11 introduces some significant design changes, including a customizable Control Center and a new Lock screen that’s merged with the Notification Center. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments are being introduced in the Messages app, which is also gaining a new App Drawer, and there’s a new Do Not Disturb feature that is designed to help drivers stay focused on the road. Siri, Photos, the Camera app, and more are also gaining new features and refinements.

Below is a video containing new features of iOS 11, just watch it and learn more.


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