Recover Deleted WeChat Voice Messages from iPhone 6s /6s Plus


As one of the most popular instant messenger apps, wechat plays significant role on our life and work. We use wechat to share interesting things with friends and family as well as communicating with coworkers about official issues. Much often than not, we send wechat voice messages much more than text messages for the sake of convenience and time saving. It is going to be a very sad story if you accidentally delete your wechat voice messages from iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s plus. Fortunately, you can recover the accidentally deleted wechat voice messages from iPhone 6s/6s plus directly now, even if you have neither iTunes nor iCloud backup file.

There are quite a number of third party programs claimed to be capable of recovering various data such as contacts, notes, messages, reminders, photos and voice memos etc, few of them can recover deleted wechat voice messages. iFonebox, however, is the first iPhone data recovery software that recovers deleted or lost wechat messages, wechat messages attachment including photos and wechat voice messages and wechat contacts.  As the most renowned iPhone data recovery software, you can recover the deleted wechat voice messages from directly from your iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus selectively.

To recover the accidentally deleted WeChat messages, all what you need is a full version of iFonebox, an accessible iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus, an USB cable as well as a computer.

Follow the instructions below step by step to recover the deleted wechat voice messages with iFonebox.

1.Install and run the full version of iFonebox. Connect iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s plus to computer. Click the bottom button of “Start” after the iPhone shows up on the startup interface. In this way you have chosen the recovery mode of “Recover from iDevice”.

Note: Please choose the right version to download and install according to what kind of computer you are using, as iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac.  If your iPhone does not show, please make sure you have tap to trust the computer you are running iFonebox on, or the iPhone has been properly connected to the computer.

2. Choose WeChat Attachment from the interface listing all the supported data categories by clicking on the relevant icon.

Note: The data scanning and analyzing may take quite a while, as the wechat voice messages take large space, please wait patiently.

3.After the scanning process finishes, please take a preview at the exported data. You need switch to the tab of Thumbnails” to locate your wechat voice messages. Click Recover to transfer the exported wechat voice messages.  The recovered voice messages will be showed in the default destination folder if you haven’t changed it.


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