Recover iPhone Messages Deleted due to Forced Shutting Down


Yesterday, I have received an call from a friend who told me that her iPhone was forced to shut down due to drained battery while she was texting and messaging some one, after she charged her iPhone fully and turned it on, all the conversation with the one she was sending messages disappeared. She badly wanted to recover the deleted messages which was very important to her and wondered whether there is some ways to get back the lost messages due to the unexpected shutting down.

She also mentioned that she did have iTunes backup which was created a couple of weeks ago, so she didn’t want to restore her iPhone with the iTunes backup which may overwrite and erase something lately generated.

Fortunately enough, she can recover the messages deleted due to the forced shutting down. iFonebox, as a renowned iPhone data recovery software, is dedicated to recovering various data including iPhone messages from iPhone and iTunes or iCloud backup selectively.

Even she has iTunes backup I am not suggesting restoring from iTunes backup, considering the risk of data overwriting and permanent erasing. With iFonebox, you can recover the messages selectively to your computer by scanning your iPhone. Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Install and run the full version of iFonebox. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Click “Start” once your iPhone is detected by iFonebox, and in this way, you have chosen the recovery mode of “Recover from iDevice”
  3. Choose the messages to scan by clicking on the relevant icon.
  4. iFonebox will start scanning and analyzing the data and the process may be time consuming, please wait with patience.
  5. After the scanning completes, take a preview at all the exported messages and select the accidentally deleted ones before clicking to recover to computer.


Note: If you iPhone cannot be recognized by iFonebox, please make sure your iPhone has been plugged in properly and you have trusted the computer.

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