Recover Lost Text Messages from iCloud Backup


“I went into the Apple store today to resolve an issue with some of my text messages not coming over when I upgraded my phone.  The guy had me back up my phone there, then erase and restore my phone.  Not only did this not get back the lost messages, I now have none of my text messages – one which was extremely important.  I just need the text messages back.  Anyone have any advise?  It would be very much appreciated!”  iPhone 6

 According the what the iPhone 6 user had posted above, he tried to restore his iPhone 6 from iCloud backup he has made in the Apple Store to fix the problem of some of the text messages not coming over while updating only to end up with losing all his text messages.

Now that the all the iPhone 6 data has been erased and you can only rely on the iCloud backup to recover the lost text messages. As the iCloud backup file is not a readable file, you can try scanning the iCloud backup with third party iPhone data recovery software iFonebox.

As specialized iPhone data recovery software, iFonebox allows recovering lost iPhone text messages from iPhone directly as well as from iTunes or iCloud backup file selectively. Follow the instructions below to restore the lost text messages from iCloud backup file.

>Install and launch iFonebox.
>Choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iCloud Backup”.
>Sign in with an Apple ID to your iCloud account as it is required.
>Select an iCloud backup from which you want to recover your lost text messages.
>Choose the data you want to download from the iCloud backup file. If you want to recover the messages only, just choose messages to download from iCloud backup file which can save a lot of time.
>Wait for the downloading process finishes.
>Then choose the messages to scan selectively.
>After the scanning and analyzing finishes, preview all the exported items to check whether what you want to are there. If the text messages lost after the restoring are there, >select them and click “Recover to PC” to transfer to computer.


If, unfortunately, the iCloud backup does not include the text messages, you can try to scan iTunes backup file and recover the lost text messages from iTunes backup provided that you have one. Actually, if you have enabled the automatic backing up, there should be an iTunes backup file on your computer.

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