Retrieve Contacts Lost During iOS 9.1 updating to iPhone


Apple rolled out the latest iOS 9.1 last Wednesday, and it has been a few days since the release. Most people have rushed to download and install the latest iOS 9.1. However, there a quite a number of people suffering from accidently losing contacts during the iOS 9.1 updating. As contacts are the most important data on your iPhone , the last thing you want to experience with iPhone is to lose your contacts accidentally, especially when you are updating your iPhone to the latest iOS 9.1.

However, there are a couple of different ways to recover the lost contacts even if the contacts are permanently erased from your iPhone due to the awkward iOS 9.1 updating.

Restore Lost Contacts from iTunes Backup

There are two ways to retrieve the lost contacts from iTunes backup, provided that you have synced your iPhone to your computer and created an iTunes backup.

Option 1: Restore your iPhone from Previous Backup 

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you have synced your iPhone with.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Go to File > Devices > Restore from Backup. If you’re using Windows and don’t see a File menu, press the Alt key.
  4. Look at the date and size of each backup and pick the most relevant.
  5. Click restore and wait for the process to finish. Your device will restart and then sync with your computer. Stay connected until the sync finishes.

With this method, you replace everything on your iPhone with the entire backup, which may cause unexpected data overwriting and erasing.

Option 2: Retrieve Lost iPhone Contacts Selectively  with iFonebox

 iFonebox is third party iOS data recovery software which is capable of selectively recovering and exporting contacts from iTunes backup software. It supports transferring the recovered contacts items directly back to iPhone. 

  1. Install and run the full version of iFonebox on the computer you have saved the iTunes backup file for your iPhone.
  2. Choose the recovery mind of “Recover from iTunes Backup” and you will be presented with a group of iTunes backup files listed on your computer. Choose the one from which you want to get back your lost contacts.
  3. Choose the contacts to recover from the interface listing all the supported data category by clicking on the relevant icon.
  4. Preview all the exported contacts items and do some modifications if you prefer. Still, you can select items you need to transfer to your iPhone selectively.


Recover lost contacts from iCloud

If you have ever backed up your iPhone to iCloud before iOS 9.1 update as I have suggested previously, you should be able to restore the lost contacts from iCloud backup.

  1. Log on to with an Apple ID.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Locate the “Advanced” from the settings interface.
  4. Choose the option “Restore Contacts”.
  5. Select an archive of contacts to restore.


Note: The archive of contacts you select will replace contacts on all your devices so this is an all or nothing solution, please be careful.

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