How to Send Christmas Messages to a group of contacts on iPhone and iPad

2014 Christmas is coming, and you may have already started your holiday. So here’s to hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. During the Christmas season, you will get a lot of Happy Holiday messages from your friends and families.Then how to sent mass christmas messages on iphone and iPad?


No matter you are iOS 8 or iOS 7 users,you can easily send christmas messages to mulitiple contacts. but iOS 8 has made group messages friendlier and manageable by adding some important features.

If you’re new to iOS or if you’d like to just know how to send christmas messages to a group of contacts, here’s how to do that easily.

#How to send christmas messages to a group of contacts on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Open Message
Step 2. Tap on the Compose New Message icon

Step 3. Type the email-id or phone numbers to the people you want to send the christmas message
Step 4. Type the Message you want to sent(2014 top Christmas wish
Step 5. Tap on Send

That’s it! You friends have received your merry christmas sms messages

  •  if the Recipients of messages are all iOS 8 user and turn on the imessage, It becomes a group message that whenever someone replies to this message you sent, it will show up in the same screen as a thread.
  • If you send a message to multiple people and at least one person isn’t using group messaging, an individual message will go to each recipient using either SMS or MMS. Only the original sender will get any responses to these messages, in separate message threads.

#How to Name a group message on iPhone/iPad?

If you have a lot of group messages going on, you’ll pretty soon find out that the conversation list can be very congested. Naming each group can help you quickly figure out who you are talking to.

Step 1. Open the group message
Step 2. Tap on Details (top-right)
Step 3. Swipe/drag the screen down and type a name (for the group) in the Group Name text-field.

#How to Add More People to the Group Message in iOS 8?

If you want to add a new participant/recipient to the group message, you can do that too! Here’s how:

Step 1. Tap on Details
Step 2. Tap on Add Contacts
Step 3. Add the phone numbers or email-id you want to include in the group.

The new member will be added to your group and will start receiving messages you send in the group.

#What’s the difference between SMS/MMS and iMessage?

SMS/MMS lets you send text messages and photos to other cellular phones or devices. iMessage lets you send text messages and photos to another iOS device over Wi-Fi, without worrying about text-messaging charges (cellular data charges may apply).

#How do I turn on iMessage?

Go to Settings > Messages and turn on iMessage.

#How to delete a message on iPhone/iPad?

To delete a message, tap and hold the message bubble, then tap More.
Tap Delete All to delete all the messages. Or tap to select the messages you want to delete, then tap Delete button.( Auto-delete messages on iPhone/iPad)

if you accidently deleted imprtant message, you can recover the deleted message by using iFonebox

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