Several Secrets That You Mustn’t Know About Apple Watch


The pre-order day of Apple Watch has made it a huge success. So many people will choose to buy an Apple Watch but how much do you know about Apple Watch? Do you know that Apple Watch can take a screen shot? Do you know that you can pay for things without Apple Pay? Here, I have found some surprising secrets of Apple Watch that you could not know from

You can take screenshots on the Apple Watch

Surprise! I accidentally pressed the Digital Crown and the button below it, and the screen flashed. I checked my iPhone’s photo library, and there was a screenshot of the watch display. I didn’t use screenshots in my review because it’s more useful to see the watch and its display in a natural setting, but it’ll come in handy in the future, I’m sure.

It saves a backup on your phone

If you ever unpair or reformat your Apple Watch, which wipes the data, you can restore it again using a local backup it makes on your phone. Your settings and apps get put back on again, and everything feels the same as when you last left it. I did this once, and it worked just fine.

You can pay for things without Apple Pay

QR codes: remember them? Thanks to Apple’s Passbook app, you can easily add QR codes via your phone and use them on the Apple Watch. I put my Starbucks card into the watch and paid for drinks, no Apple Pay required. This could be a huge help at many places that don’t accept Apple Pay, or to use for airline tickets or concerts.

“Power reserve” mode puts your Apple Watch into an odd coma

If your Apple Watch battery gets too low, Power Reserve is there to keep your watch in a pared-down watch mode that just tells the time, nothing else, and lasts for hours. But, if you want to deactivate Power Reserve, you need to reboot the watch: it takes over a minute for the watch to start up again and regain functions.

You can’t use your watch to start and stop calls on your iPhone

Wait, can this be true? It is, weirdly: you can make and answer calls on the Apple Watch, and then hand them off to your iPhone to continue the call there…but, you can’t wear headphones connected to your phone, stick your phone in your pocket and use your watch to dial. I hope an update changes that.

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