Spectacular Ways To Protect Your Precious iPhone 6S


Tips from Forbes: Apple’s iPhone 6S may be designed to be naked, with exposed glass, aluminium edges, and the stark minimalism at its rear, but almost everyone is going to look at their very expensive new smartphone and decide that it needs some protection. That’s where the third party case industry comes in.

With the launch of the iPhone 6S, it was a chance for new ideas to be implemented by some and for others to update existing designs. There are options to change the look one style of the smartphone, others add in missing features or capabilities. All of them change your iPhone for the better.

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Apple updated many features on the iPhone 6S, but one area where the iPhone 6 is better is in battery capacity. The iPhone 6S only carries a 1715 mAh battery – 95 mAh down on the iPhone 6 – and anyone who is out and about for any significant time in the working day is going to be watching the battery level very carefully.

Cases with ‘top-up’ batteries are popular accessories, and Mophie is one of the leading brand names. The Juice Pack Reserve comes with an 1840 mAh battery, which offers around 60% more endurance for your iPhone (there will always be some inefficiencies when charing from a spare battery). This might not be a monster battery (Mophie offer various combinations up to 3940 mAh) but it gives just enough of a kick to get most iPhone users through a full day.

Aegis Pro By Trident

Trident’s latest case focuses on providing protection for your iPhone. It meets the MIL-STD-810G beloved by a number of case manufacturers. The raised lip around the screen lifts the glass above a flat surface, and the rounded corners should help spread any impact damage. Trident is confident the case offers protection from a four-foot drop, the typical height when holding up your smartphone.

The package includes a screen protector, and the case has rubber gaskets over the exposed ports and a dust filter across the speaker. It’s not a waterproof case, but it offers protection against dust and sand getting into your smartphone if you are in an extreme environment.
Evolutive Labs Rhinoshield Playproof

Last year’s Rhinoshield Bumper is hands down one of my favourite ‘protection cases’ for my smartphone. Thanks to the (almost) similar dimensions of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S the vast majority of cases will fit either handset and I could get the Rhinoshield bumper around the 6S.

Or I could go for Evolutive Labs’ latest product, the Playproof. It features the same two-piece shell and honeycomb structure to absorb impact damage (drop protection of over eleven feet), and unlike the bumper the case extends to cover the rear of your iPhone. This gives a great sense of grip and tactile quality. While this case feels larger than the Trident case, it has softer curves and a much warmer texture. As the name suggests, it is very playful.
Onu’s Flip Leather Case

If you’re looking for a case that’s not going to break the bank, Onu’s Flip Leather Case is worth considering. Built around a similar clip design to the #woodback that grips the two long sides of your iPhone, the case is a ‘book style’ case with the front of the case opening away after protecting the screen, while the leather case covers the back of the plastic clip.

The front of the case has a clear window that lets you see the time on the iPhone clock if you switch it on, and also the caller ID details. Below the window is an exposed cutout so you can activate the on-screen slider or answer a call. This case is designed for someone who expects a lot of incoming calls.

DogAndBone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof Slim Rugged Case

A sturdy case, and waterproof to 2 meters as well, the Dog and Bone Wetsuit Impact Slim Rugged Case is for the adventurous iPhone user.
As with any waterproof case, the suggestion is that you do a literal soak test before you trust your phone to the case. After an hour under water, the Wetsuit Impact case showed no signs of any leaks so it was time to put the iPhone in the case and try it again ‘for keeps.’

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the case works as advertised. Touch actions still registered underwater, and the slightly thinner cover over the TouchID sensor allowed a fingerprint to be read and the iPhone was unlocked under water. The rubber seals around the lightning adaptor and headphone jack also kept a waterproof seal, although it’s worth nothing that the extra depth at the bottom of the case requires a headphone extender, which is supplied by Dog and Bone in the packaging.

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