Steps To Deleted Old iCloud Backups To Save More Space


When a device is set to backup to iCloud, Apple always automatically backs up data and settings stored locally on the particular device. You need to know that iCloud backups include purchase history from the iTunes or App Store, app data, home screen and app organization, iMessage/SMS/MMS text messages, device settings, and visual voicemail on an iOS device. You also should know that the free space for iCloud backup is only 5 GB, so sometimes, you have to delete some old iCloud backup to save more space.

Here are steps for you to delete old iCloud backups to save more space. Let’s begin.

Step 1. Tap on Settings App from your iPhone Home screen

Step 2. Next, Scroll iPhone screen and Tap on iCloud

Step 3. Now Tap on Storage 

Step 4. Tap on Manage Storage Tab

Step 5. Tap on Backups list, here you can find iPhone user name list. Users will find a line graphic at the bottom of the following screen representing the amount of iCloud storage currently in use. Next, select the particular Backup to be deleted. Users with iCloud being used on multiple devices will have more than one.


Step 6. Now Scroll down and Tap on Delete Backup buttonAfter selecting the particular backup to delete, users can choose which apps to back up. Disabling any non-essential apps from a backup will free up space within iCloud storage.


Step 7. Tap on Turn Off & Delete Backup.

That’s it. Now you can get more free space on your iPhone iCloud. Tell us that whether you have deleted old iCluod backups successfully.

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