How Can I Back Up WeChat Contacts on iPhone or iPad?


WeChat has become ubiquitous. Instead of making phone calls and sending emails.We make appointment with friends and family with this additive instant messaging app. Also, at almost every workplace, WeChat has become the primary means of communication. Conversations through WeChat group messages have replaced email, files can be shared in the app, and group voice calls can replace meetings. We cannot do any of things above without the WeChat contacts which we simply cannot risk losing. Thus it is terribly necessary to back up the WeChat contacts on our iPhone or iPad. Continue reading

How To Back Up iPhone Contacts Selectively and Properly?


I am not sure whether you have ever run into the trouble of losing your iPhone contacts due to iPhone crashing, iTunes backup getting corrupted, or iCloud related problems. No matter how, it is frustrating to lose the contacts which is one of the most important information on your iPhone and for your life and work. So here in this post I am going to talk about how to back up iPhone contacts selectively and properly. Continue reading

How To Back Up Notes Without iCloud /iTunes?


Syncing or backing up data on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch through iTunes or iCloud is handy. It is always confusing at the same time. One of our readers wrote to us that he tried to back up all the notes to iCloud but failed many times without knowing why. He searched for a lot of documents and tried to figure out why, ending up with a more confusing mind. Continue reading