Tips To Restore Only Safari Bookmarks From iCloud Backup

get back safari bookmark from icloud backup

Q: “Hi, I want to restore some safari bookmarks from my iCloud. But as I know if I restore from iCloud I need to restore the whole backup files instead of a single data. Therefore im seeking help here to see whether I can restore only safari bookmarks or not. Hoping to get some advices from you guys, thank you!”

The instant way of get back your safari bookmark is directly restore from your iTunes/iCloud backup. This considered as one of the easiest and faster way to restore safari bookmarks. However, there is one drawback that is you might need to restore the whole backup files instead of Safari bookmark only, which meaning that you unable to restore only single data from your iCloud backup. Therefore one of our loyal reader drop us an email regarding this iPhone safari bookmarks recovery and in here I will show you a real quick tips on extracting and retrieving your safari bookmarks from iCloud. To restore only safari bookmarks from iCloud, you definitely need help from a third party software which can perform as iCloud backup extractor. Continue reading to know what it is.

In here, I would recommend iFonebox – an excellent iOS data recovery program which is capable of scanning the iPhone backup files and export the data selectively. Which meaning that, you are able to extract your iPhone backup files and retrieve only single data from the backup. Additionally, iFonebox supports to recover lost safari bookmark from device directly (this method is more likely for user who don’t backup their safari bookmark in advance). Next, we will illustrate the steps below and restore deleted safari bookmarks on iPhone 7. Follow the steps below and you will be able to extract and retrieve safari bookmarks from icloud.

Tips To Restore Only Safari Bookmarks From iCloud Backup
Step 1: Download & Install iFonebox
Download and install iFonebox is a must before we begin this iPhone safari bookmarks recovery. iFonebox is compatible for Windows version & Mac version. Select the version based on your computer system and begin the download. Here we’ll be taking Windows version as an example. If you are a Mac user, you are able to follow the same methods and steps below.

Step 2: Run the software and sign in iCloud.
Launch iFonebox and select “Recover from iCloud backup file” as the recovery mode on the interface of iFonebox. You’re required to log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step. Please do not connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while using this recovery mode, in case your iOS data file maybe updated or modified.

Step 3: Download, extract and scan iCloud Backup
Select the backup files you want to recover and then click “Download”. You may only select “Safari Bookmark” to download during this recovery to reduce the download time. Then, click start to scan iCloud backup.

Step 4: Preview and Restore safari bookmark
After scanning, Preview and select the safari bookmark you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC” on the bottom right of the interface. Then you can access your safari bookmark on your PC again.


In a word, using iFonebox to extract and retrieve your data is really quick and easy. If you have iTunes backup, you also can select the 2nd method on the main interface of iFonebox and begin your iPhone safari bookmark recovery via iTunes too.

WhatsApp Attachments Gone After Install iOS 10.3, How To Restore?

how to get back whatsapp attachments

“Some of my WhatsApp attachments gone after install the latest iOS 10.3. How can I get back those precious WhatsApp attachments? Guide me please, thank you!”

WhatsApp is a famous social networking app that can download freely on smartphones including iPhone. WhatsApp allows user to send text and audio messages, videos, images, documents or even make phone calls by connecting with internet. In the event of using iPhone, you may lost your WhatsApp attachments due to some reasons such as iOS upgrade, accidental deletion, iPhone broken, etc and you realize you need to get them back. Therefore, this article will show you how to restore WhatsApp attachments after install iOS 10.3 effortlessly.

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How to get back WhatsApp attachments on iOS 10.3? What you need to do is to look for an WhatsApp data recovery program that will help to find missing WhatsApp attachments after update to iOS 10.3. iFonebox is an outstanding WhatsApp data recovery software that you can use to restore WhatsApp attachments. With iFonebox, you can scan your missing WhatsApp attachments from your iPhone directly or extract them from your iTunes/iCloud backup file storage. Besides WhatsApp attachments, this easy-to-use software supported to restore WhatsApp messages and backup WhatsApp data on your PC/Mac. Below are some of its key feature.

  1. Built with 3 types of recovery modes: Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes backup files and Recover from iCloud backup files.
  2. It support data loss scenarios such as iOS upgrade, mistaken deletion, broken devices, disabled iPhone, factory reset and so on.
  3. Software that can recover up to 16 types of iOS data like contacts, reminders, messages, calendars events, etc.
  4. Fully compatible on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Now let’s us begin how to restore Whatsapp attachments after install iOS 10.3. Read the step by step guides below. Firstly, you will need to download iFonebox on your PC. There are 2 versions accessible: Windows version & Mac version.

How To Restore Gone WhatsApp Attachments After Install iOS 10.3?

Method 1: Get Back WhatsApp Attachments From iTunes Backup
Step 1: Launch the software and select your backup files
Launch iFonebox and connect your phone via USB cable.  Select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” on the interface of iFonebox, and you will see your itunes backup files. PS: Please click “select more” if you do not found your backup file on the interface.

Step 2: Scan your selected backup files
After select your backup files, start to scan your iDevice. Then, select “WhatsApp Attachments” under “Media data” column. Kind reminder: If you have large data on your backup files, the scanning process might take a little bit longer.
win-recover-from-ios-device-whatsapp attachment

Step 3: Preview and recover
After finish scan, you are able to preview those found WhatsApp attachments. Select the WhatsApp attachments you want to recover and click “Recover to PC”. Then your WhatsApp attachments will be successfully recover on your PC.

Method 2: Find Missing WhatsApp Attachments From iCloud Backup
Step 1: Install, launch the software and sign in iCloud.
Launch iFonebox. Select “Recover from iCloud Backup” as the recovery mode on the interface of iFonebox. Please log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step. Tips: Please do not connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while using this recovery mode, in case your iOS data file maybe updated or modified.recover_call_history_iCloud

Step 2: Download, extract and scan iCloud Backup
Select the backup you want to recover and then click “Download”. You may only select “WhatsApp” to download during this recovery to reduce the download time. Next, select “WhatsApp Attachments” item from downloaded backup files and click start scan.

Step 3: Preview and Restore WhatsApp Attachments
After scanning, you will be able to preview and select the attachments you want to recover and click “Recover to PC”.

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