iOS 9 Notes Tips and Tricks for Better Workflow


It has only been a few months since iOS 9 hit the streets, and the built-in Notes app already stands out in terms of new features and functionality. Notes has been available since the very first version of the iPhone, and the app has received a fairly substantial update with the latest version of iOS. Find out about the new folders, drawings, and recently deleted features that will change your Notes workflow. Continue reading

Steps to update iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch To iOS 9 Safely And Successfully


As is known that iOS 9 is going to be released this month, so how to update your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to iOS 9 safely and successfully? Here, I want to share some reminders and tips for you to update your iDevice to iOS 9 to better experience new features from iOS 9. Some are extracted from PC Advisor. Continue reading