iOS 9 Adoption Rate Did Not Surpass iOS 8 In 24 Hours


iOS 9 has been release for about 24 hours and some people has updated their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to experience new features of iOS 9. According to multiple analytics companies that are tracking iOS 9 adoption rates, iOS users are installing Apple’s latest operating system at roughly the same pace iOS 8 was installed last year, which means, it did not surpass iOS 8 in adoption rate in the first day.  Continue reading

6 Tips For You To Better Experience iOS 9


Finally, here it is. Apple will release iOS 9, the latest iOS operating system in just a few hours. When iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were unveiled, people are clamoring about new features and better experience from new iPhone. But now, you don’t have to, for you can also update your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to iOS 9 to experience the same functionality. Here, I list 6 tips and features from DigitalSpy for you to better use iOS 9. Continue reading

Tips To Enable Home Sharing In iOS 9 Beta


Apple has released the iOS 9 beta 4 and in the beta version, Home Sharing has been re-added to it, which was removed in iOS 8.4. With the latest iOS 9 beta restoring full support for Home Sharing, here’s how to toggle on the feature that allows streaming music and video from computers connected to the same local Wi-Fi network, according to AppleInsiderContinue reading