A Video Shows You Hidden Features In iOS 9


iOS 9 has been released officially and now, you can update your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iOS 9 directly. But in order to update to iOS 9 successfully, please remember to do a backup work for your iDevice. Last time, I have shown you 6 tips to better experience iOS 9, and after its official release, some more hidden features are unveiled by MacRumors. In the end. we will attach a video which shows you hidden features in iOS 9. Continue reading

Steps to update iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch To iOS 9 Safely And Successfully


As is known that iOS 9 is going to be released this month, so how to update your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to iOS 9 safely and successfully? Here, I want to share some reminders and tips for you to update your iDevice to iOS 9 to better experience new features from iOS 9. Some are extracted from PC Advisor. Continue reading

iOS 9 Beta 5 Has Been Seeded to Developers For Testing Purpose


Another iOS 9 beat version has been seeded to the developers by Apple Inc. And it is the third beta version which the public are accessible, more than two weeks after releasing the fourth beta and two months after unveiling the new operating system at the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference, according to MacRumorsContinue reading

New Features You Need To Know About iOS 9 Beta 4


Apple has seeded the fourth beta of iOS 9 to the developers for testing purposes. Conpared with the previous beta version of iOS 9, the fourth iOS 9 version has some new features. There are some major additions, such as the promised return of Home Sharing for Music, and several other minor tweaks intended to refine the look and feel of the operating system, according to MacRumors. Now, we will have a look at those new features.  Continue reading

Tips To Access Apple Pay’s Wallet Without Unlocking iPhone In iOS 9


iOS 9 beta has been released for several weeks and some testers have found that people who own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can access access non-default credit, debit and loyalty cards in their Apple Pay Wallet directly from the lock screen with just two taps of the home button, according to AppleInsiderContinue reading

Third iOS 9 Beta Has Been Seeded To Developers For Test


The third iOS 9 beta version has been seeded to the developers for the testing purposes, just over a month after unveiling the brand new operating system at WWDC 2015. Now, iOS 9 is currently only available to developers, but Apple plans to introduce a public iOS 9 beta in July before the final release of the software in the fall.  Continue reading