Contact Name Missing From Text Message Since iOS 9 Upgrade


“Contacts are saved but since the iOS 9 update, when I get a text message, no name appears only the telephone number in the notification screen? But I open the text, the name appears at the top, just when initial text notification comes through. Bizarrely this only happens with a few people in my contact list.” Continue reading

Apple Released iOS 9.0.2 with Bug Fixes, Will You Install?


Apple released iOS 9.0.2 on September 30th with bug fixes and performance improvements, just a week after the iOS 9.0.1 update and two weeks after the iOS 9 was available publicly. It is a minor update, but it could have a big impact on the performance of your iOS devices.though there have been  iPhone 6 iOS 9.0.2 problems posted to forums.

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