How To Download Photos From Stolen iPhone 7 To Computer?


Bad luck. My new iPhone 7 was stolen, quite quite upset. I owned it just a few days, annoyed. But can someone tell me is there any chance to transfer my photos from stolen iPhone 7 to my computer? I need those photos. Also, it could’t be better any more if contacts can be found also. Thanks.  Continue reading

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone 7 To Computer?


Wednesday will be a huge day for the tech area, for Apple will release its new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus, along with iOS 10. It will become another hot topic in the next few days. As iPhone 7 is released officially, another wave of iOS data problems is approaching, such as how to transfer photos from iPhone 7 to the computer? So how to move all photos from iPhone 7 to computer?  Continue reading

Recover Deleted Or Lost Contacts From iPhone 7 Without Backup


Is there any way to recover deleted or lost contacts from iPhone 7 without any iTunes or iCloud backup? One iPhone 7 user asked me such a question. As iPhone 7 is going to be released next Wednesday, iPhone data loss problem is stressed and mentioned again, just as the user asked. So how to retrieve iPhone 7 deleted contacts no backup? Keep reading.  Continue reading