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How To Track Deleted Text Messages On iPhone?

retrieve deleted text messages on iphone

“I just deleted my text messages between my girlfriend and I from my iPhone 6 Plus. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just an accident. I don’t have any backup file with iCloud/iTunes either. Please help.”

How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone? There is nothing worse than after losing important messages between your family, girlfriend, friends or colleagues. But don’t worry. This article will bring you a solution on finding missing text messages on iPhone. Whenever your text messages get deleted mistakenly or other reasons, keep in mind that turn on Airplane mode immediately or stop using your iPhone on the moment in case the new incoming data will replace your missing data. Otherwise, you will never get to recover those iPhone text messages if you still using your iPhone.

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To track deleted text messages, what you need is a professional iOS messages recovery tool – iFonebox. By using iFonebox, you are able to retrieve your deleted text messages either you have backup or not. There are 3 options to find missing text messages on iPhone: from device directly or from iTunes/iCloud backup. Besides text messages, iFonebox do support other text data such as notes, contacts and iMessages preview and edit before transfer back to your device. One more amazing feature of iFonebox is you are allowed to extract and recover your deleted text messages from iPhone backup files (iTunes/iCloud) selectively. Under the help of iFonebox, you will not face the risk of current data get overwritten when your restore from iTunes/iCloud backup. Next, methods and detailed steps will be explained to help you track deleted text messages on iPhone.

In order to begin recover iPhone text messages, you are required to download iFonebox on your PC/Mac in advance. There are 2 versions available: Windows version and Mac version.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Without Backup
Step 1: Launch iFonebox
Run the software and select “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode after you run the software. Please do not forget to connect your phone with USB cable, you need to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if this is the first time you connect your iPhone to PC. Then, click “Start” to begin.

Step 2: Scan Messages
Select “Messages” under “Text Data” column, and then click “Start Scan” button.

Step 3: Preview and Select
After done scanning, you can select “Only display the deleted items” to filter your results if you are looking for deleted messages. You are allowed to edit the deleted messages before recover. You may select “Recover to PC” or “Recover to device” depend on your need.

By now, deleted iPhone messages has been successfully recovered under the help of iFonebox. However, this tutorial guide is available for users who didn’t back up their messages earlier. If you have iTunes/iCloud backup earlier, you may click here to read another useful guide which showing how to extract and recover iPhone text messages from backup files.