How To Delete Duplicated Contacts from iPhone?


Have you ever been confused by the duplicated contacts on your iPhone and knows no idea which one to choose while you just want to make a phone call? I truly understand the confusion. Worse still, the duplicated items make the whole address book seemed to be very disorganized and terribly hard to access a particular contact. Continue reading

How to Transfer Contacts from Macbook to iPhone?


Is there any straightforward way to sync the contacts from Macbook to iPhone? There are a lot of people are trying to seek a solution to transfer contacts from Macbook to iPhone on the Apple support forum. Actually it is easy enough to sync contacts from Mac computer to iPhone and there are a couple of different ways. Continue reading

iPhone 5SE Release Rumored To Come In March 2016

Could Apple be on the verge of breaking with its usual annual September release cycle and reveal a new phone this March? A new report from 9to5 Mac suggests that the world’s wealthiest tech company could indeed be doing just that, and more: releasing a new, smaller-screen “iPhone 5SE.” Continue reading

How To Retrieve iPhone Text Messages Lost After a Reboot?


“I have been using Message app on my iPhone these days to message with my friends. This morning I got a message from a VIP customer of his schedule to London next week. While I was about to tap to show the text, the phone crashed and rebooted automatically. When the phone recovered, not only my client’s SMS, but all messages stored on my phone vanished. I can ask my client to send again his plan but what about the rest messages? Can anyone here suggest a way to retrieve the vanished messages? Is it possible to get back the lost messages?”  Continue reading

How To Delete Files Stored In iCloud

iPhone owners may notice their storage space on iCloud is filling up as mail, app data, backups and more accumulate. Whether your iCloud account is free (5 GB) or maxed out at a terabyte ($9.99 per month), it makes sense to keep unnecessary files to a minimum to maximize available space. Managing iCloud directly from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can clear out junk and old files to free up space.

Continue reading

Man sues Apple for wiping his photos and contacts after iPhone reset


Report from neowin:  Our gadgets can sometimes go wrong, and may even need to be taken to a repair center for a fix. And in times like these, it’s important to back up all of one’s data, in the event that the handset will be wiped. But in the case of a pensioner, this important step was not taken, leading to loss of data, and a lawsuit against Apple. Continue reading