Having issue with the Face ID on your iPhone X? Aswered!

problems with the face id on iphone x

There are a lot of questions out there about using iPhone X and the new Face ID feature, which scans your face to unlock your iPhone X. You may encounter the following problems. We’ll aim to answer fix the problems about Face ID on iPhone X.

  • Your face id has been disabled
  • One face id can be opened by two different people
  • The iPhone X face Id does not recognize your face some time
  • Cannot activate face id on this device

What should you do?

Follow these steps. After each step, see if you still need help.

  1. Check your Face ID settings

To check your Face ID settings, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Make sure that Face ID is set up and that the features you’re trying to use Face ID with are turned on.

  1. Check for updates

Make sure that your iPhone X or later is updated to the latest version of iOS.

  1. Check that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera

Make sure that the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone isn’t covered with a phone case or a screen protector. Also, check to see if there’s residue or dirt covering the TrueDepth camera.

  1. Make sure that nothing is covering your face

Make sure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are fully visible to the TrueDepth camera.

Face ID works with many sunglasses. If you’re wearing sunglasses designed to block certain types of light, then your sunglasses might be blocking the infrared light used by the TrueDepth camera. Try using Face ID without your sunglasses.

  1. Make sure that you’re facing the TrueDepth camera

Face ID only works when your iPhone is in portrait orientation and you’re facing the TrueDepth camera. The TrueDepth camera has a similar range of view as when you take a selfie or make a FaceTime call. Whether your iPhone is lying on a surface or you’re holding it in a natural position, make sure that your iPhone is an arm’s length or closer (10-20 inches) from your face.

  1. Add an alternate appearance

For most users, Face ID will continuously learn as they change. If you have an appearance that can look vastly different, you can set up an alternate appearance so Face ID still recognizes you.

  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. If asked, enter your passcode.
  • Tap Set Up an Alternate Apperance.
  • Look straight into your iPhone and place your face inside the frame.
  • Gently move your head to complete the circle. If you’re unable to move your head, tap Accessibility Options
  • When you finish the first Face ID scan, tap Continue.
  • Gently move your head to complete the circle for a second time.
  • When Face ID setup is complete, tap “Done”.
  1. Reset Face ID

If you still need help, reset Face ID, then set it up again. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and tap Reset Face ID. Then tap Set up Face ID to set it up again. If you can’t enroll your face, take your device to an Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider or contact Apple Support. To prevent data loss, you’d better back your important data up.

If you have additional questions feel free to ask us in the comments below.