How To Back Up Notes Without iCloud /iTunes?


Syncing or backing up data on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch through iTunes or iCloud is handy. It is always confusing at the same time. One of our readers wrote to us that he tried to back up all the notes to iCloud but failed many times without knowing why. He searched for a lot of documents and tried to figure out why, ending up with a more confusing mind. Continue reading

Top 4 Ways To Back Up iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


iPhones is almost the most important possessions we have. In addition to the financial worth of each device, it becomes the central repositories for our memories, whether photographs of once-in-a-lifetime events or important documents. Making sure that all of this precious data is backed up somewhere is a crucial safeguard against theft, damage, or leaving our worlds behind on the back seat of a taxi. Continue reading

Use iTunes to Sync Photos to Your Device


Tip from iPhonelife: While iCloud Photo Library has generally replaced iTunes for syncing photos between your computer and your iPhone or iPad, you can still opt to use the iTunes software. I can think of a couple reasons you may want to do this. If you’d like to keep a limited selection of your photos on your device in order to save storage space, iTunes may be a good choice. Also, some people simply don’t feel comfortable using the cloud. Continue reading