How To Recover Deleted Reminder Lists From iCloud Backup?

I deleted some of my reminders, about several hundred items. I do make regular backups of my iPhone to my iCloud, but so much stuff changes on my phone daily, I am very reluctant to fully restore some older version unless there is some way to get everything else back to where I am today. Any suggestions?

restore erased reminders from icloud backup 

If you have a backup of the phone with the reminders on it, you should be able to restore to that backup, however it will have also removed anything you have done on the phone since that backup. Many iOS users understand that, that’s why they hope there are some other ways, before trying to go that direction. Here comes a good news, there is a third party tool called iFonebox that can help you recover deleted reminder lists from iCloud backup without changing present data and settings.

As a professional iOS backup extractor, iFonebox is able to download up to 17 kinds of data such as contacts, notes, texts, photos, voice memos, safari history, call logs, WeChat data, WhatsApp data and many more. Here we list some of its main features:

  • Recover data lost for various reasons including accidental deletion, various attack or iOS upgrade
  • It also can be used to retrieve documents from iOS devices directly even if you don’t have a backup file
  • The preview function allows you to read all the recoverable data before you purchase
  • It is compatible with almost all types of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • You are allowed to choose data to recover instead of restoring the entire backup
  • It is very ease of use and 100% safe

It is one of the best software available and fully compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. It’s necessary for you to download the suitable version for your computer. Next we will show you the detailed instructions to help you easily get back missing reminders through iCloud backup.

windows-download   mac-download

Step one: Run iFonebox and enter your Apple ID

Run the program, then just click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” at the top right of the software. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step two: Download data from iCloud backup

After you have selected an iCloud backup to download, it will start the downloading process. You can select all to download.

Recover from icloud3

Step three: Scan data

Click on “Reminders” icon to start scanning automatically. It will take some time, you should wait patiently.

recover from icloud backup2 500

Step four: Preview and download data

Now you can select the reminders you want and click “Recover to pc”, then the instruction is accomplished.

download target data from itunes backup