Recover Deleted Messages From iPhone 6 Running iOS 8.4.1


I have deleted a thread of text messages that I need, I haven’t done a backup in a while.  I can find the message in spotlight search but it won’t let me then go into it. Any suggestions? iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.1 

Apple has released iOS 8.4.1 to the public officially and another wave of iPhone or iPad data loss problems is approaching. Just as the above user, he deleted some messages important to him from iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4.1 and he needs to recover those deleted messages. It is not difficult to recover deleted messages from iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4.1 as long as you get the help from iPhone Data Recovery software. (Methods To Find Lost Photos After Update To iOS 8.4.1) Continue reading

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages To Mom On iPhone 6?


Mother’s Day is approaching and  I wanted to review text messages Mom sent to me, but I found some of them were just lost and I want to find them. Is there any method to retrieve my deleted text messages? iPhone 6, iOS 8.3. Thank you very much! “

The above post was extracted from an Apple forum and this user wanted to retrieve deleted text messages to his Mom on iPhone 6. He wandered whether there is a method to recover his lost messages. The answer is YES, there is.  Continue reading