How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Notes To iPhone 6?



In our daily life, notes has play an important role in our daily life. It is always annoying and troublesome when some important notes are deleted accidentally, just as this user did:”I lost my note by deleting or replacing and I read on some blog that I can restore it by doing the backup from i-tunes. So I checked my iTunes and find out that was last time I back up on this computer was done 4 months ago. At that time note was existing. I done care for rest of the file I might lost but how can I restore my phone from that point. I would really appreciate if we can simple step explain me how to do.Continue reading

A Quick Method To Recover Lost Notes From iPhone 6 Directly


“So yesterday I plugged in my 6 to upload some music and lost my notes and some music. The music is no big deal but I kinda need them notes back. I’m not sure what I did wrong on my end. I backup my notes to iCloud but when I checked there I had nothing. Completely clean. Any help would be great. -Rick” Continue reading