How To Recover Deleted iMessages From iPhone With iOS 8.4


When it comes to deleted iMessages recovery, what would you do to recover lost iMesages? Most people have the difficulty in recovering deleted iMessages from their iPhone 6 or other iOS device, for they only know restore iMesages from iTunes or iCloud backup. Actually, if you want to restore deleted iMessages from iTunes or iCloud backup, you may erased the existing data from your iDevice. So, today, I want to show you how to recover deleted iMessages from iPhone with iOS 8.4 or iOS 8.3.

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Recover Deleted iMessage On iPhone 5S Without Backup


Hi, I’ve accidentally deleted iMessages from my iPhone 5S. Is there anyway to recover them please?  I did a search and lots of answers came up – mostly suggestions using external programmes but I’m finding it hard to follow them, or know if they are safe to download. Maybe there is a way via iCloud? Any help would be SO gratefully received. Thanks! Continue reading

How Do I Recover Deleted iMessages From One Contact?


“I mistakenly deleted all text iMessages for ONE of my contacts. How do I restore the deleted text iMessage? I have a backup from last night in iTunes. iPhone 6, iOS 8.3”

What do you usually do when you are encountered with such a iMessages loss problem? Obviously, this user is quite upset for those iMessages are important to him and he wanted to get them back but how to recover those deleted iMessages is a question. Actually, according to his description, he had to choice: recover deleted iMessages from his iPhone 6 directly or recover deleted iMessaegs from iTunes backup.  Continue reading