Photos Deleted That You Didn’t Want To Be Deleted, How To Recover?

It appears there’s a rather annoying bug in the photos app. I’d have taken multiple photos, and I’ll be scrolling through the photos deleting some. However after scrolling from one photo to the next, and clicking delete, rather than deleting the photo I’m currently viewing, it deletes the photo I was viewing prior to the one I tried to delete. Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes?

  restore wrongly erased pics

Have you ever been in this situation when you delete some precious photos? I had such an experience once, after I realized that I deleted some important photos, I was at a loss and don’t know how to recover these mistakenly deleted photos. If it sounds like your experience, don’t be frustrated, here comes one iOS data recovery software called iFonebox can do you a favour.

Here are some features of iFonebox:

  •   Three powerful recovery modes
  •   It can be used for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  •   Support data preview before restoring them
  •   It’s very easy to operate
  •   Compatible with all kinds of systems, including iOS 11.2.2
  •   100% security guarantee

To restore wrongly erased pictures, you should have an available backup, like iTunes or iCloud. Because photos are one typical kind of media data, they were missing completely after the deletion. That’s why you’re suggested to back your device up regularly. iFonebox is capable of getting into that backup and scanning in depth. You’re also allowed to preview the detailed information and retrieve only images deleted by accident. Moreover, this operation will not cause damage to the current data on your device.

iFonebox has two available versions: Windows version and Mac version. You’re allowed to download the program for free. Please make sure to download and install the right version for your computer. Once you have installed the program, here’re the step by step instructions to get back your missing images.

windows-download    mac-download

Step one: Launch iFonebox

Click Recover from iTunes Backup File, you’ll see all backups you have listed in the interface, choose the right backup, then click “Select” button to begin.

iTunes1 500

Step two: Scan data

It will scan automatically after you click the “Photos” icon, it might take your some time, please wait patiently.


Step three: Extract data

Now you can recover the images you want from backup, choose the items you want to restore and click the “Recover to pc” button for further use.

photos 500