How To Recover Lost Text Messages after iOS 9.2 Update?


Now that iOS 9.2 has been just our for no more than a week, you want to experience the latest iOS right away. The iOS 9.2 updating is a risky process, as it cause data loss from time to time. Here in this post I would like to share how to recover the lost messages after the iOS 9.2 update. Continue reading

Recover Lost Text Messages from iCloud Backup


“I went into the Apple store today to resolve an issue with some of my text messages not coming over when I upgraded my phone.  The guy had me back up my phone there, then erase and restore my phone.  Not only did this not get back the lost messages, I now have none of my text messages – one which was extremely important.  I just need the text messages back.  Anyone have any advise?  It would be very much appreciated!”  iPhone 6 Continue reading